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Shrimpboat 1
Shrimpboat 4
Yellow Oyster Boat
Shrimpboat 3
Oyster Boat 2
Two Shrimpboats
3 Shrimpboats
Oyster Sacks
Unloading Oysters
Oyster Boats
Shrimpboat 2
Oyster Boat 1
Crab 2 .
Snoopys  .
Fulton Bait Stand
Moms Bait Standsm
Port A Ferry
Old Shed  .
Old House .
Old House  .
Old Car  .
Old Barn .
New Mex Cart.
New Mex Flowers .
New Mex Mission  .
Garold Smith

Retired Architect and Structural Engineer, Mixed media artist

Smith spent many of his years of professional practice in Houston and Austin as a partner with an international A/E firm where he focused on medical and educational projects across the country.

The Smiths relaxed on ‘working weekends’ at their small beach house/art studio on Matagorda Bay. He retired in Colorado to be near grandchildren and now boasts the title of “Winter Texan.”  His projects include art welding and metal sculptures which have been exhibited in multiple events and galleries. His unique technique with watercolor/ink paintings depict subjects reflecting his lifelong obsession with all things nautical…especially shrimp boats, as well as his fascination with southwest architecture. 

Along with his wife, Louise, a clay artist, he participated in many coastal art shows exhibiting Raku fired sand dollars, fish, and related themes.  In the studio he fulfilled the role of the ‘Fire-Meister’ tending the 2400 degree F propane fired Raku kiln.  He looks forward to working with Mary Phillip and other Rockport Gallery artists.

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