Your Photos on Canvas

Cell phone cameras have improved considerably in the last few years, prompting folks to take many more photos.  We love it when customers come in and show us photos of their vacations, fishing trips, weddings, family reunions and more.  And our customers love it when we are able to make permanent memories from their photos that become their very own pieces of art.

All you have to do is email or text us your photo.  We can tell you the different sizes that would work, depending on the quality and dimensions of the photo.  We can also do some cropping and Photoshopping to make it just like you want it.  We print it on canvas and wrap it around all the edges, so you don't even need a frame.  If you want a frame, we can adjust for that.  If you prefer to have it printed on paper and framed behind glass, we will do that too.  We can also arrange to have the photo printed on metal for you.  

Our prices are reasonable, and our turnaround time is too.  We look forward to helping you create your memory art.  For more information, contact Deborah Glenn.